CapitalNetwork For Business

Access to Cash is Critical for Business Success

CapitalNetwork by Capstone Banktech will help you find a funding source for financing accounts receivable.

Why Should I Contact CapitalNetwork?

  • Recently turned down for a line of credit at your bank
  • Current line of credit doesn’t provide enough cashflow
  • Customers are taking longer than 30 days to pay invoices
  • Your bank will not make a loan against Purchase Orders
  • Tap into our network of banks and alternative lenders to find the best deal for you

Benefits to the Business

  • Establish Predictable Cash Flow: Through ongoing funding out of daily invoices, a business is able to establish reliable cash flow. Improved cash flow allows businesses to capitalize on growth opportunity and expand operations.
  • Eliminate Debt: Businesses can reduce short term debt, make payroll, pay down other obligations, and access new working capital without creating new debt. The CapitalExpress program works as a self-liquidating line of credit for the business.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Businesses can offer more flexible terms to customers and take advantage of supplier discounts. Improved cash position may offer the business new opportunity to negotiate even better discounts.
  • Better Business Management: CapitalExpress offers superior technology and real-time reports, giving the business capabilities to make more informed decisions.

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