CapitalExpress For Business

Access to Cash is Critical for Success

CapitalExpress for business by Capstone Banktech offers businesses immediate access to cash through accounts receivable financing

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CapitalExpress vs. Factoring

Key Industries

Benefits to the Business

  • Establish Predictable Cash Flow: Through ongoing funding out of daily invoices, a business is able to establish reliable cash flow. Improved cash flow allows businesses to capitalize on growth opportunity and expand operations.
  • Eliminate Debt: Businesses can reduce short term debt, make payroll, pay down other obligations, and access new working capital without creating new debt. The CapitalExpress program works as a self-liquidating line of credit for the business.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Businesses can offer more flexible terms to customers and take advantage of supplier discounts. Improved cash position may offer the business new opportunity to negotiate even better discounts.
  • Better Business Management: CapitalExpress offers superior technology and real-time reports, giving the business capabilities to make more informed decisions.

How CapitalExpress Works

Key Industries

Energy | Oil, Gas, Wind

Transportation | Trucking


Wholesalers | Distributors


Business Services


Trucking | Disposal
Consulting | Drilling
Excavating | Reclamation
Oil Field Construction
Hot Shot Services
Welding | Vacuum Services
Pit Cleaning | Industrial Supplies

Heavy Trucking & Hauling
Light Hauling & Delivery Service
Moving Companies

Lumber & Wood Product
Industrial & Commercial Machines
Fabricators, Tool & Die
Apparel & Textile
Furniture & Fixtures
Rubber & Plastics
Transportation Equipment

Motor Vehicle Supplies Parts
Medical & Hospital Equipment
Electrical and Plumbing Supplies
Wholesale Nurseries
Computers & Software
Petroleum Products & Refining
Farm Equipment | Fence & Gates
Tire Distributors & Dealers

Temporary Services
Employment Agencies
IT Staffing
Medical Staffing
Oil & Gas Staffing

Computer Consultants
Graphic Designers
Land Surveyors
Appraisal Services
Printing & Promotional

Tire Dealers
Truck and Auto Parts
Auto and Truck Repair Service

CapitalExpress vs. Traditional Factoring

Contract 12-36 Months No
Advance Rate Varies 90%
Repayment Period 90 Days Up to 120 Days
Discount Period Variable Fixed
Notification Yes No
Verification Yes Minimal
Daily Funding No Yes
Termination Fees Yes No
Interaction with Your Customers Intense Limited to None
Additional Fees Yes No
Building Banking Relationships No Yes